Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, known as Ciri, the Lady of Time and Space and princess of Cintra, is one of the main characters of the Witcher saga, around whom much of the plot is centered. The hero of Vandal Hearts, Ash Lambert is initially a high-ranking member of the Ishtarian Security Forces. Vandal Hearts is a series of tactical RPGs released by Konami. Characters from the first Vandal Hearts game of the series.

Vandal Hearts (ヴァンダルハーツ) is a turn-based tactical role-playing video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo for the PlayStation and later ported to the Sega Saturn by Konami Computer Entertainment Nagoya.The PlayStation version was distributed in Japan, North America, and Europe. Konami's Vandal Hearts is a prime example of the industry's lopsided development. Compounded by the fact that the government is utterly corrupt, the lower classes are on the verge of revolution, and it's up to you to prevent total anarchy in Vandal Hearts. For those who are interested in enjoying this game, there are few resources for information. And though Vandal-Hearts is not quite at the level of such classics like Shining Force II, or well-known games like Final Fantasy Tactics, it is still a solid game well worth playing. Through a series of unfortunate events, he is made the front runner in a fight against political oppression and tyranny. A page for describing Characters: Vandal Hearts. From the first gameSon of a traitor who grew up to be a Platoon Leader in the Ishtaria Domestic Security … The first game was released for the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation, and plans were made at one point for a Nintendo DS re-release. Characters. Tobias Martin: Tobias is a … Three games have been released in the series so far, the most recent one being a prequel to the first. Joshua []. The second was available only on the Playstation. Vandal Hearts has always been known for its strong and memorable characters and Flames of Judgment is no exception. It's a solid, terrific looking game - yet it lacks the features that made RPGs like Shining Force instant classics. Ash Lambert.
An orphan at young age, his parents died in a squabble with nobles and thus he is raised by his Uncle Kordif. She is also Geralt's destiny and adopted daughter. For Vandal Hearts II on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by Jarek. She is the lion cub of Cintra, daughter of Pavetta and Duny (also known as the Urcheon of Erlenwald) and granddaughter of Queen Calanthe. The Saturn version was only released in Japan Talking Is a Free Action: Comes up often in Vandal Hearts I and II, where characters frequently have long conversations in the middle of battle.Mostly averted in Flames of Judgment. The protagonist of the game, he is only 13 years of age when the story begins, a farmer's son in the village of Polata. Less than half a dozen guides exist on this game. Characters.

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