It seems obvious when you say it, but the best way to get tickets to Hamilton is to stay up-to-date on ticket announcements. If you can’t make your performance please contact Ticketmaster directly here. 'Hamilton' and the agony of reselling tickets. I initially purchased a ticket via for Hamilton, but near the back so I since decided to look and purchase something closer to the stage, which I did but now I am stuck with the initial Hamilton ticket.. Ticketmaster will not allow me to sell the ticket as it wants a US bank account/address. My Results Reselling Hamilton Tickets. Ok, this is a follow up question to my last post. I am a very very very niche ticket reseller and to be honest I kind of hate it. The float time drives me crazy and when you are not very seasoned, like me, it … Happening. Quick Tips & Summary. By Chris Jones. Hamilton Tickets Hamilton Tickets. Hamilton is a multi-award winning musical taking place in London's Victoria Palace Theatre in the West End in 2020. Book UK Hamilton tickets, find stage times and discover the hit London musical today. Follow @HamiltonMusical on Twitter to get notified when new ticket blocks are being released, and download the official Hamilton app to know when lottery drawings take place. Since Lin-Manuel Miranda’s vision made its Off-Broadway debut at New York’s Public Theater in 2015, Hamilton has been nothing short of revolutionary, setting box-office records and redefining the very concept of what it takes to produce a hit Broadway musical. The producers have long sought to limit reselling by capping the number of tickets that could be purchased per person. Unfortunately, at the request of the event organiser, the Resale of Hamilton tickets is not allowed.

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