The plural form of the noun fly would be flies. A fly (plural: flies) is an insect of the order Diptera.

The Diptera is a large order of advanced flying insects.. Their most obvious distinction from other insects is in their flight. The plural form of the noun fly, an insect, is flies.

However, if the letter before the -y is a vowel, just add s as usual.

insect (plural insects) An arthropod in the class Insecta , characterized by six legs , up to four wings , and a chitinous exoskeleton .

A typical fly has two flight wings on its thorax and a pair of halteres.The halteres, which evolved from the hind wings, act as flight sensors: they are balance organs. “Fly’s” is the possessive form of the noun “fly” (that is, the insect). flies meaning: 1. plural of fly 2. a fly 3. plural of fly. The plural noun 'flys' is the plural form of the noun fly that is an opening in a pair of pants only. insect / ... (chiefly US, informal) bugs] a swarm of flying insects [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples — often used before another noun. So, day becomes days.
Fly definition: A fly is a small insect with two wings. 2013 May-June, William E. Conner , “ An Acoustic Arms Race ”, in American Scientist , volume 101, number 3, page 206-7: There are many kinds of flies, and the most... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Learn more. Use plenty of insect spray/repellent to keep the mosquitoes from biting you. To form the plural of a noun ending in -y with a consonant before the -y, remove the -y and add -ies. To make it possessive you would add an apostrophe at the end: flies' Fly definition, to move through the air using wings. See more. an insect bite. So, spy becomes spies. Flies. plural insects.

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