Earth's magnetosphere & the solar wind. The spacecraft will get seven times closer to the sun than any probe ever has. These images of the sun were captured at the same time on January 29, 2017 by the six channels on the Solar Ultraviolet Imager or SUVI instrument aboard NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite. We’ve all seen stunning images of the sun, both from the ground and from telescopes in space. Take a tour of our cosmic neighborhood in pictures.
An extreme ultraviolet view of the sun is compared with the same image showing the superimposed field lines on August 10, 2018. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has revisited one of its most iconic and popular images: the Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation. This is the highest-resolution image of the Sun ever taken. The Sun. Composite image of the Sun.

These images showcase the Sun as more than a lightbulb and heater for the planet.

Picture: NSO/NSF/AURA. Northern Lights, from Ontario, Canada. Sunspot, with Earth for scale.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory scientists use their computer models to generate a view of the sun's magnetic field.

And the view of our home star is incredible, showing churning plasma* that looks like a sea of gold nuggets. Our solar system contains objects ranging in size from the sun, the largest item, to tiny grains of rock in the asteroid belt. Earth compared to sunspot. Analemma over Corinth, Greece. To adequately capture images of the Sun, NASA uses special instruments. This image shows the pillars as seen in visible light, capturing the multi-coloured glow of gas clouds, wispy tendrils of dark cosmic dust, and the rust-coloured elephants’ trunks of the nebula’s famous pillars. Data from SUVI will provide an estimation of coronal plasma temperatures and emission measurements which are important to space weather forecasting. Sun's corona in x-rays.
See images of NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission, which the agency plans to launch in July 2018. The only people who know the answer are the Apollo astronauts who went to the Moon and back, but they did not say how the Sun appeared from cislunar space. Filaments on the Sun. Analemma over Delphi, Greece. Composite, storms on the Sun. With these, it can photograph dramatic views of solar flares and sunspots. Earth's magnetosphere & the solar wind. Scientists have released the first photographs of the Sun from the new solar telescope in Hawaii. 10.

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