Define violence. Physical abuse happens when someone deliberately hurts your body or takes away your control of your body. Physical abuse can start slowly and inconspicuously, for example with throwing an object or a slap, and get more intense or worse over time. Violence, an act of physical force that causes or is intended to cause harm. n. 1. A person can experience many different types of physical abuse. Violence definition, swift and intense force: the violence of a storm.

A research conducted by the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia, has shown that physical violence is on the third place of such problematic school issues, after verbal and social violence. In most cases, children are the victims of physical abuse, but adults can also be victims, as in cases of domestic violence or workplace aggression.Alternative terms sometimes used include physical assault or physical violence, and may also include sexual abuse. violence synonyms, violence pronunciation, violence translation, English dictionary definition of violence.

The damage inflicted by violence may be physical, psychological, or both. 2. a. The prevalence of domestic violence is arguably one of the top health concerns in the country. Behavior or treatment in which physical force is exerted for the purpose of causing damage or injury: the violence of the rioters. In some cases, abusers may not even realize that they're inflicting domestic violence … Signs of physical abuse.

How to use domestic violence in a sentence. Physical abuse is any intentional act causing injury or trauma to another person or animal by way of bodily contact. It can also be referred to as physical violence. Physical abuse happens when a person uses physical force against another person. Physical abuse includes: Domestic violence definition is - violent or abusive behavior directed by one family or household member against another. See more. Physical abuse can be things like hitting, slapping or kicking, but it’s important to know that: Physical abuse … Understanding its definition can help you to take more effective action against its many manifestations of abuse. Violence Violence may be distinguished from aggression, a more general type of hostile behaviour that may be physical, verbal, or passive in nature.

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