Standard barbells take up less space and are easier to manage. Olympic Bars are made to be 45 pounds whereas Standard Bars are half that or less. Pretty much the more I spend the better the equipment would be, which makes sense. They are made to take Olympic weight plates, which have holes just under 2”/55mm in diameter.

Edit: Thanks guys. Even a partial needle bearing bar is amazing to see at this price point. This gives it a really good spin. Advise - Olympic bar vs Standard Bar Is it worth spending the extra money and get the Olympic bar over the standard bar (bench press bar)? We just went with the cheapest option. Although it isn’t the most durable type of barbell out there, the standard bar served its purpose, which was to be a non-expensive starting point. Olympic bars are also much better balanced.

I'm pretty new and will be buying a bar soon, just want to know the pro's and con's for the two bars. A thicker knurling could be irritating when sitting on your shoulders with hundreds of pounds of weight sitting on the bar. Rogue Women’s Olympic WL Bar. This is also the strongest bar … The Olympic weight bench will be wider to accommodate the longer Olympic weight bar. Olympic Bar vs Standard Bar. Also slightly different are the markings on the bar; or the knurling. Olympic weight plates and bars: Bars are just under 2” in diameter (1” 31/32 to be exact, or 55mm) on the ends. In truth, Olympic weights win by almost every comparison. While a powerlifting bar is generally the same dimensions of the Olympic bar, it can also be longer and/or thicker to allow for more weight to be added. What you’ll see right away is olympic bars are thicker on the ends, because they have a sleeve that rotates over the shaft. Click on ITEM# to go to product page. If you do any olympic lifts, this is one you should consider. However, the knurling tends to be much lighter and less pronounced on Olympic bars, simply because the bars are built to accommodate much higher weights. But that’s just one of many differences when you take a closer look at them in person. COLLAR MOUNT; LENGTH (ID) COLLARS; Collar Length; Hash Marks; Center Knurl; WARRANTY; OB34 22 lbs. You don’t want to buy standard weights and an Olympic bar, or vice versa as the weight plates won’t fit the bar. However, many people prefer the Olympic bars to their standard counterparts based on quality, function and numerous other reasons. An olympic bar has rotating sleeves on the ends instead of being just one piece of steel all the way. 300 lbs.

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