I knew I’d be living out of a travel pack for some time and wanted to take only the essentials to travel light.The problem is, New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world, and I planned on having plenty of adventures. Here are 20 essential items worth adding to your travel packing list for New Zealand: Spring & Summer (September-February) 1. When I was packing for my open-ended trip to New Zealand last year, I had a one-way ticket and a work visa good for a year’s stay. Clothing. With many different possibilities for adventure from hiking to swimming with dolphins, whale watching, digging your own hot pool, experiencing Maori culture, skiing, surfing, and many more, New Zealand is the best country to travel in. Sunscreen. Pack light, but warm clothing made of fleece.

We are spending most of our time in the Southern Island with only a couple of days in the Northern Island. Also, pack … Plus, you get to see all the marvellous colours that nature has to offer if you do it during Autumn. The ozone layer is thin in many parts of New Zealand, so in summer be sure pack high-level sun protection even if you think you’re immune to … Because New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, they are heading into autumn. May means winter in New Zealand and it may snow – sometimes for days. This time of year has beautiful & mild, with temps ranging from 50’s-70’s with little rain.

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