Nestle also uses sales promotion as one of their promotion tools by offering programmes like every day eating coupon codes and discounts and offers for online shopping on nestle products. CONSUMER PROMOTION Nestle regularly uses TVC’s and ATL marketing. Consumer promotion Trade Promotion Tools Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd. uses trade promotion to persuade itsretailers to carry its brands, give it shelf space, promote it inadvertising and push it to consumers. Major Sales Promotion Tools Used By NestléBangladesh Ltd. Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd use two types of sales promotion: 1. Thus, converting retailers to sell Nestle instead of Cadbury is the toughest task for Nestle. PUBLICITY: Publicity is a promotional method where the organisation is not paying for the communication about its products and is benefiting from it (Stanton and Futrell 1987:419). This is converted mainly through promotion i.e. Trade promotion 2. In our report, we try to present the Marketing Strategies through segmentation, target marketing and positioning of Nestle by providing traders better discount or gifts on target sales.

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