Marvin Acme, a character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Marvin Acme (played by the adorable, irrepressible and talented Stubby Kaye) is the head of the Acme Corporation and owner of Toontown. See image of Greg Burson, the voice of Marvin the Martian in Acme Animation Factory (Video Game). Voiced most times by Joe Alaskey.

Marvin Miller, A 2 year old ginger in Marvin (comics) Mrs Marvin, a character in Waikiki Wedding. The character was voiced by Mel Blanc, Joe Alaskey, Bob Bergen and Eric Bauza, among others.

Marvin Blake, a character in The Cabin in the Cotton.

Marvin ( Falsettos character), the fictional protagonist of the 1979 and 2016 musical Falsettos. Sunny, lovable tenor Stubby Kaye with his butterball frame kept his real name a secret for his entire career.

Images of the Marvin the Martian voice actors from the Looney Tunes franchise.

Stubby Kaye (1918–1997) Stubby Kaye. Reveals that Marvin Acme had left Toontown to the toons Source “ I, Marvin Acme, of sound, mind, and body, do hereby bequeath in perpetuity the property known … In the 1960-61 television season, Kaye appeared as Marty, the agent of aspiring actress Eileen Sherwood, in the CBS sitcom My Sister Eileen, starring Shirley Bonne, Elaine Stritch, Jack Weston, Raymond Bailey, and Rose Marie..

The audience had already been introduced to the items that Eddie Valiant would use while he was battling Judge Doom in the Acme Warehouse (i.e., the portable hole, the mallet with the spring-loaded boxing glove inside) by the policemen in Act One who were investigating Marvin Acme's murder. He was born Bernard Katzin in New York and started off in the world of entertainment in 1939 after winning a radio contest.

Touring as a comedian in vaudeville for over a decade, he also appeared regularly with the USO during the war …

He genuinely cares about all Toons and has promised that in the event of his death, they will inherit Toontown, as stated in his will. Marvin the Martian Voice - Acme Animation Factory (Video Game) - Behind The Voice Actors LOGIN He frequently appears as a villain in cartoons and video games, and wears helmet and skirt.
Marvin the Martian is a character from Warner Bros. ' Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. Actor | Soundtrack.

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