thank you all so much for your help on this!

But as you showed above its based on the pihole-tcp. Select the haproxy listing:. From either the 'Global' or 'Project' scope, go to Apps and click Launch.. From the guide I thought the ingress address used in the yaml file was based on the Ingress nginx service. Let’s take a look at an example of using the Nginx ingress controller in our Kubernetes cluster. Launch the ingress controller. On the app's Configuration Options screen, configure HAProxy using the options described in … I also never realized you could just access it …

The Traefik Kubernetes Ingress provider is a Kubernetes Ingress controller; that is to say, it manages access to a cluster services by supporting the Ingress specification. I changed the IP and it worked fine! This could be handy for several reasons and allows you a more fine-grained means to load balance traffic. Ingress resources are interesting in that they allow you to use one object to load balance to different back-end objects. If the TLS configuration section in an Ingress specifies different hosts, they are multiplexed on the same port according to the hostname specified through the SNI TLS extension (provided the Ingress … Currently the Ingress only supports a single TLS port, 443, and assumes TLS termination. The Kubernetes Ingress Controller. The HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller is available as a Rancher Catalog app.

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