By Lee Moran. Kate McKinnon is famous for her hilarious impressions, especially of Ellen DeGeneres and Hilary Clinton. New Saturday Night Live cast members often struggle to make an impression. First Impressions with Josh Brolin and Kate McKinnon - Duration: 4:40.

Kate McKinnon made her debut on Billy on the Street — but she wasn’t quite herself. It’s like McKinnon is this joyous chameleon who’s finally been gifted an infinite wig supply.

Kate Mckinnon is one of the lesbians of Hollywood who has grits and boldness to talk about it anywhere and anytime. Saturday Night Live 625,803 views. She's played literally everyone from political figures to pop culture icons. WIRED Recommended for you. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton walks into a bar and is served by the real Hillary Clinton. She’s one of the funniest SNL cast members EVER! Kate McKinnon Totally Nails Impression Of Marianne Williamson “Gosh, I wish there was an ‘SNL’ show this week," said the "Saturday Night Live" star. There she is, commanding from a couch as Hillary Clinton one minute and bopping around as Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Shakira, or Ellen DeGeneres the next.

... Kate McKinnon & Vanessa Bayer Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED - Duration: 4:06. She is the first openly lesbian cast member of SNL’s show and third verified LGBT cast member of the series. Kate McKinnon is obviously a comedy genius, 'Saturday Night Live' is proof of that, but we had no idea she could do such a flawless impression of Israeli actress Gal Gadot. An interview with “Saturday Night Live” writer Anna Drezen about writing the sketches starring Kate McKinnon as Debette Goldry with Sudi Green and how the character has evolved post-#MeToo. Kate McKinnon is the First Lady of Weird on SNL, a purveyor of “empathetic mockery” of the uncommonest oddballs—like Ellen, Hillary, the Biebs.And in the upcoming year—with a handful of films and the blessing to skewer candidate Clinton week in and out—she’ll serve as the ideal antidote to the endless election season. McKinnon, best known for portraying Hillary Clinton on SNL, whipped out her impression of the Israeli actress in an interview Tuesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. ... SNL Presents Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber - Duration: 9:20. To her, there is no point in trying to be in the closet about it since it is nobody’s making. McKinnon quickly rose to the front of her pack as the big eyed over the top version of Hillary. Democratic presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson has found a new fan in “Saturday Night Live” star Kate McKinnon. Kate McKinnon is famous for her hilarious impressions, especially of Ellen DeGeneres and Hilary Clinton. But not Kate McKinnon.She’s been the MVP of SNL since, well, pretty much her first episode, and never looked back. Kate McKinnon is the First Lady of Weird on ... Kate McKinnon has led a one-woman parade of the most exuberant impressions on television. And her Betsy DeVos. Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Gal Gadot Impression - Duration: 3:51.

In this countdown we’re going to take a look at the Top 10 Kate McKinnon SNL Performances! It's no secret that Kate McKinnon is the resident queen of impressions on SNL. Yes, McKinnon's Hillary Clinton impersonation is arguably her signature—and very spot-on—but her Justin Bieber is also iconic. Kate McKinnon has risen to Saturday Night Live celebrity status over the past couple of years thanks to her amazing, hilarious, chameleonlike impressions.

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