If your HomePod is joining your HomeKit-enabled home, setup is mostly the same, but with a couple of extra steps. Once configured it is possible to AirPlay from an iOS device to HomePod over an ad hoc connection that doesn't need an additional Wi-Fi access point. It's similar to the setup for AirPods or the latest Apple TV. I have had some luck having my iPhone connected to hotel WiFi, using my iPhone for a personal hotspot, connecting my iPad to my iPhone hotspot, and then setting up the HomePod from the iPad. 3.

Set up and use HomePod. HomePod: WiFi not required The tech specs for the HomePod list "Direct guest access" as a wireless feature, then at the bottom of the page it explains: Peer-to-peer AirPlay requires a Mac (2012 or later) with OS X Yosemite or later, or an iOS device (late 2012 or later) with iOS 8 or later. Get started. But there are two major requirements you need to keep in mind before getting started. Make sure that your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is updated to the latest version of iOS. How to set up HomePod with WiFi Before you start with the Apple HomePod setup, make sure that your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS, signed into iCloud (with 2FA turned on), connected to the WiFi network, and has the Home app installed (can be done from the App Store) and Bluetooth enabled. If you have two HomePod speakers set up as a stereo pair, then you'll need to ungroup the stereo pair before you can reset HomePod. You cannot set up the HomePod without access to Wi-Fi and the Internet. Now choose Everyone. We have here a tutorial on how to use the HomePod without WiFi, which is useful for you to use a HomePod in a celebration where there is no Wi-Fi. Answered by Rodney M; 04-Apr-2020 Flag as inappropriate Answer 1 With the Christmas celebration season in complete swing (however this is applicable all yr spherical for events, or the use of the HomePod in a resort Scroll to … If you configure it once, then you can AirPlay from your Apple device to HomePod over a connection that does not need an extra Wi-Fi access location. Configure the HomePod to work without WiFi. Step #2. Step #3. Open the Home app on your iOS device or Mac. You want to sell or give away your HomePod. IDG. First, you'll need to set up your HomePod to accept AirPlay requests from iOS devices that are not on the same wifi network as your HomePod. Just make sure that your iOS device or Mac is signed in with the same Apple ID used to set up HomePod.

See the Change AirPlay settings section of Change settings for HomePod - … But to sum up: Touch the house inside the upper left corner. Tap Set Up. Of course, Apple Music won’t be available, and I don’t think Siri will work (or maybe it will - it could access the Mother Ship via cellular through your iPhone. Step #1. Hold your iPhone or iPad close to your Apple HomePod. Turn off Router’s Firewall temporarily, Also Go to the Home app on iPhone and Reset Homekit, Try to complete setup and Again turn on Firewall and should be okay everything. This has worked in two different hotel locations, although I … Wait for HomePod to emit a special pairing tone, or enter the four-digit passcode that Siri Was just on apple support for a couple hours and the solution for me was to add it as an accessory through the home app.

This will allow you to AirPlay from your other Apple devices to the HomePod. You can also change these settings if you're a shared user of a home with admin privileges. You should only reset HomePod when: You want to reset HomePod to factory settings. How to AirPlay to HomePod without an active internet connection On an iPhone or iPad, fire up the Home app, tap the location icon on the top left, and then Allow Speaker Access. If HomePod still doesn't respond, reset it. You'll see a small window pop up near the bottom of the screen, with an image of the HomePod. You need to be on iOS 11.2.5 and have your iOS device near the speaker when you do. You can't set up the HomePod without having access to the internet and Wi-Fi. Follow this complete guide to let you quickly set up HomePod … Actually, you can play music to your HomePod even if the HomePod is not on a wifi network. i tried changing wifi settings and all and it didnt work, but adding it as an accessory through the the app allowed it to finally pass through the set up portion. 3. Reset HomePod: Unplug HomePod and starting up it again, Press at the top of the HomePod until the three beeps play. Tap Set Up. Experience your favourite music in a whole new way, control your home, and get help with everyday household questions and tasks – all with HomePod. 2. How to set up HomePod with HomeKit. You don’t need an internet connection to create a local WIFI network, just get a wireless router. You can control how others connect to all of your HomePod speakers using AirPlay in Home Settings. The HomePod set up is similar to setting up a pair of AirPods or the Apple TV. You need to send your HomePod in for service. Setting up HomePod is dead simple thanks to the newly introduced proximity-based setup system that came with AirPods and W1 chip.

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