One astronomical unit is the approximate distance from Earth to the Sun. Haumea is about 51.5 astronomical units away from the sun. Makemake follows an orbit very similar to that of Haumea: highly inclined at 29° and a moderate eccentricity of about 0.16. Haumea was first discovered in 2004, it was declared a dwarf planet in 2008. It's 1/10 the mass of Hi'iaka.

Figures 1 and 3 illustrate locations of various objects in the Solar System and their distances from the Sun.

At this moment it is roughly 50 times the Sun-Earth distance from the Sun, but at its closest the elliptical orbit of Haumea brings it 35 times the Sun-Earth distance from our star. It takes 285 Earth years for Haumea to make one orbit around our sun. It takes 285 Earth years for Haumea to make one orbit around our sun. On average, it is about 36 million miles away. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Namaka is closer to Haumea and was nicknamed Blitzen. The distances are expressed in astronomical units abbreviated as au. In fact, it’s common to measure planet distances from the sun in light minutes or light hours as opposed to light years, since those numbers are smaller and easier to comprehend. It's 1/10 the mass of Hi'iaka. Haumea is the name of the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. For instance, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Haumea is approximately 6.4 billion km (4 billion miles) from the sun and takes about 283 years to complete its rotation. It is one of the most unusual planetary objects in its axial rotation takes approximately 4 hours to complete making it the fastest-spinning large object in the solar system . The title of this post includes the words ‘proportional distances’.

Like Pluto and Eris, Haumea orbits our Sun in the Kuiper Belt, a distant zone of icy objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. Let me explain a bit more about those distances. As of April 2019, Makemake is 52.5 AU (7.85 × 10 9 km) from the Sun, almost as far from the Sun as it ever reaches on its orbit. It revolves around sun in an elliptic orbit

In light years, that number would be 0.000006123880620837039 light years away. The dwarf planet has been named after the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth. It was discovered by a team of scientists which was being headed by Mike Brown. Shortest mean distance between Earth and Haumea is about 6,482.674 billion kilometer or about 43,333.3832 astronomical unit (AU) [ Convert 6,482.674 billion kilometer to different units] Earth is 3 rd planet in our solar system Haumea is a dwarf planet in our solar system discovered in 2004. It is the third brightest known Trans Neptunian object.

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