ZERO G LIMITED . MIRIAM. around the age of 24-32, taken from the youth in his looks. Tei is an albino young woman with red eyes and very long ankle-length hair normally worn loose. Vocaloid (and others) Birthday List! Liste Personnages Vocaloid VOCALOID.
She was offered exclusively as a c… Her pointed forelocks are chest length and she has spiked, neatly brushed bangs ending above her eyes. Vocaloid ? posted by Gigglepud.

LEON. Jan 14, 2015 - galaco VOCALOID3 (prize ver.) Elle a de longs cheveux, un côté blond, l'autre brun et des mèches de couleurs vives : rouges, bleus, et jaune. Any voice banks published after the above date will not be within this list.--Japanese Voicebanks Meiko 5 November Kaito 17 February Hatsune Miku 31 August Kagamine Twins 27 December Gackpoid Gakupo 31 July Megurine Luka 30 January Megpoid Gumi 25 June SF-A2 Miki 4 December Kaai Yuki 4 December Hiyama … Luka Megurine.

Tei Sukone is a popular and well-known Vipperloid. Elle a aussi des yeux bruns. The name "Kirby Loopsy" is named after the two franchises -- Kirby and Lalaloopsy.
LOLA. Crypton.

Originally her design and art raised question, tricking many people into thinking she was an actual Vocaloid. Vocaloid 2. Thank you!! Miku Hatsune. Pas de panique, c'est une grande famille, née de la technologie de la "synthèse vocale" : manipuler des voix, les faire chanter, leur donner un univers, une histoire et tellement plus ! CRYPTON. Galaco est une Vocaloid crée par Internet Co., Ltd et Yamaha Corporation . MEIKO. Sa voix est celle de Kou Shibasaki. So, he might be. mardi 9 juillet 2013. Kécécé ? VOCALOID3| Songs Albums Notable Originals galaco (ギャラ子) is a Japanese VOCALOID originally developed by Internet Co., Ltd. and YAMAHA Corporation, under the Stardust Music, Inc. name. Son objet est la couronne qu'elle porte sur la tête. Her update is a collaboration between YAMAHA& Stardust Music, Inc. only. The name "Kirby Loopsy" is named after the two franchises -- Kirby and Lalaloopsy.

Vocaloid system, as so the case in Story of Evil. KAITO.

Elle représente une jeune fille dont l'âge est inconnu. Last updated: 19/01/2013.

Kirby Loopsy is a user on GoAnimate, known for her big Vocaloid obsession. Yesss!! I've been wanting to make Galaco models for ages

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