This is a traditional band combination useful in seeing changes in plant health. This band combination makes use of the NIR, SWIR2, and Coastal Aerosol bands, respectively.
Our four most common false-color band combinations are: Near infrared (red), green (blue), red (green).

We can also choose band combinations from other wavelenghts, and map them to the red, blue, and green colors to highlight different features.

A false-colour composite image with georeferencing is created. Here’s a rundown of some common band combinations applied to Landsat 8, displayed as a red, green, blue (RGB): Natural Color. 4 3 2. Another common combination uses the shortwave infrared (shown as red), the near infrared (green), and the green visible band (shown as blue). Visual interpretation of vegetation, classification. A false color image is made with one or more bands from a non-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that are mapped to red, green, and blue colors.

The Coastal Aerosol band is unique to Landsat 8 and is used primarily to track fine particles like dust and smoke, and also to peer into shallow water. In this false color composite vegetation appear bright green, bare ground appears reddish and snow appears bright blue. False color imagery is displayed in a combination of standard near infra-red, red and green band. Agriculture. False Color (urban) 7 6 4.

The brighter the red, the healthier the vegetation. The band combination chosen makes vegetation appear in shades of red because vegetation reflects a lot of near infrared light.
Custom script: return [B08, B04, B03]; Urban areas appear blue-grey. Shortwave infrared (red), near infrared (green), and green (blue), often used to show floods or newly burned land. Color Infrared (vegetation) 5 4 3. 5, 7, 1 - False color for vegetation and water, Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

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