Magnitude is based on measurement of the maximum motion recorded by a seismograph.Several scales have been defined, but the most commonly used are (1) local magnitude (ML), commonly referred to as "Richter magnitude", (2) surface-wave magnitude (Ms), (3) body-wave magnitude (Mb), and (4) … Cliquez sur une collocation pour en voir plus d'example.

Here we'll look at each of these, as well as their interconnectedness and dependencies. Learn more. The energy release in great earthquakes, Journal of Geophysical Research , 82 , 2981—2987. Le 8 février 1843, les îles des Petites Antilles sont secouées par un tremblement de terre d'une magnitude de 8 sur l'échelle de Richter. Magnitude is expressed in whole numbers and decimal fractions. magnitude definition: 1. the large size or importance of something: 2. the large size or importance of something: 3…. Earthquake magnitude, energy release, and shaking intensity are all related measurements of an earthquake that are often confused with one another. Earthquake magnitude, intensity, energy and acceleration, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 46, pages 105—145. Earthquake - Earthquake - Earthquake magnitude: Earthquake magnitude is a measure of the “size,” or amplitude, of the seismic waves generated by an earthquake source and recorded by seismographs.

La magnitude est en sismologie la représentation logarithmique du moment sismique, qui est lui-même une mesure de l'énergie libérée par un séisme.
On suppose que sa magnitude se situait entre 8,7 et 9,2.

The magnitude is a number that characterizes the relative size of an earthquake. earthquake synonyms, earthquake pronunciation, earthquake translation, English dictionary definition of earthquake. How to use magnitude in a sentence. Magnitude is a measure of the amplitude (height) of the seismic waves an earthquake’s source produces as recorded by seismographs.

Their dependencies and relationships can be complicated, and even one of these concepts alone can be confusing.

Because of the logarithmic basis of the scale, each whole number increase in magnitude represents a tenfold increase in measured amplitude as measured on a seismogram.

Magnitude definition is - great size or extent. Magnitude. For example, a magnitude 5.3 is a moderate earthquake, and a 6.3 is a strong earthquake.
earthquake magnitude synonyms, earthquake magnitude pronunciation, earthquake magnitude translation, English dictionary definition of earthquake magnitude. n. 1. a. Greatness of rank or position: "such duties as were expected of a landowner of his magnitude" .

Define earthquake.

Define earthquake magnitude. Click on a collocation to see more examples of it.

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