... Shackleton's Antarctic Hut. • Shackleton gave Wild strict instructions: if we don’t return by August, prepare another boat and sail for Deception Island (whaling station to the West) • Left a letter with Hurley (photographer) transferring ownership of photos to him in the event that he did not return • Miraculously, after 16 days at … "It seems vital that we shall land on Clarence Island or its neighbor, Elephant Island. The Imperial Trans-Antarctic ‘Endurance’ Expedition 1914-1917. Initially Shackleton had contemplated reaching either Deception Island or Hope Island, but after three days at sea, Worsley ascertained that the strong … Nimrod Polar Expedition base, and home to hundred-year-old frozen whisky. (It was about double the distance and against the prevailing winds and currents, however). — Ernest Shackleton, South He divided his men into three groups and the set sail. This island is still an active volcano, with its center a caldera that has filled with sea water. Wilkin’s Lockheed Vega, Deception Island This model is a copy of the Lockhead Vega 1 monoplane, used by the Wilkins-Hearst Expedition on the first flight over Antarctica on November 16, 1928.

In fact, sailing to Deception Island from their winter camp at Point Wild on Elephant Island was the second choice after sailing to South Georgia Island. Deception Island is an uniquely shaped island which is part of the South Shetland Islands archipelago located right next to the Antarctic Peninsula, between Antarctica and South America. Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition was to become one of the most famous rescue stories of all time. Their destination was to be Deception Island but since they got off course they headed for Elephant Island (Koehn, p. 16-17). Ernest Shackleton's expedition was aware of the whaling station at Deception Island. ‘Deception Island seemed to be beyond our reach,’ wrote Shackleton.

Deception Island, Antarctica–In the spring of 1916, when Ernest Shackleton's ship the Endurance was crushed by Antarctic pack ice, he made a famous open-boat voyage to safety. Its name suggests the presence of the plump and succulent sea elephant." Great Sunset at Deception Island It was our fourth and final day in Antarctica and we had made it to Deception Island in time for sunset. Shackleton 6 Shackleton made the decision to launch the three lifeboats, which they salvaged, into the frigid waters. Antarctic Exploration Museum & Post Office ... Deception Island. The latter island has an attraction for us, although as far as I know nobody has ever landed there. Shackleton’s Leadership Style 30th November 2015 Not to forget, it was a full one hundred years ago that Shackleton made… Deception Island Icebreaker Territory

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