Cyclone could damage Queensland coast A CYCLONE forming off Queensland is threatening to cause some serious damage between the Whitsundays and Fraser Island. The first flood warnings for Queensland in 2009, for the Gulf Rivers and the Georgina and Diamantina Rivers in Western Queensland were issued at this time. Research Advisory Forum - Bushfire Mitigation; Research Advisory Forum - Workforce and Volunteerism With winds near 240 kilometers per hour (150 miles per hour or 130 knots), Tropical Cyclone Hamish was a powerful Category 4 storm (on the Saffir-Simpson Scale) as it moved down the northeast coast of Australia on March 7, 2009.The storm formed on March 5 off the Queensland coast, and intensified as it moved southeast just off shore. Summary . Of the A vast area of Queensland was affected by some of the worst flooding on record this year. History of cyclones by state. AN official cyclone watch is expected to be issued for north Queensland today as a monsoonal low builds up steam in the Gulf of Carpentaria. 2009 Jeffrey N Hanna, Jan L Humphreys, Dianne L Brookes, Terrianne Messina, Alexandra Raull i Abstract There were 176 culture-confirmed cases of melio-idosis in north Queensland over the 10 years, 2000–2009. 2010 Significant flooding occurs in many areas of Queensland during late December 2010 and early January … Note: These reports have mainly been compiled using original material produced soon after the cyclone occurred. March 10, 2009 Cyclone Hamish May Loop in Ocean Off Queensland, Australia > Click for larger image Credit: NASA Cyclone Hamish continues to pound the Queensland region of Australia today, but forecasters are thinking that it may turn away from the coast in the next day.

Hamish is Queensland's third cyclone of the season and the biggest system, comparable to cyclones Larry and Monica in 2006. ... 2009 06:01:00 More stories from Queensland. The overall case fatal-ity was 21%, but was 14% in 2005–2009. On Sunday 22 February 2009, the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, appeared in a three minute video on the self-broadcasting website, YouTube, announcing her intention to ask Governor Wensley to issue a writ for a state election to be held on Saturday 21 March 2009. After forming about 175 kilometers (about 110 miles) from the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, over the weekend of February 1, Cyclone Ellie made landfall at just after midnight (Australian EST) Monday, February 2nd, 2009, at Mission Beach between Townsville and Cairns. Historic impact reports; Individual cyclone reports. Most (nearly 80%) occurred in the first 4 months of the year.

Environment and Science, Queensland Government, Tropical Cyclone Wave and Storm Tide Reports, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 sourced on 23 May 2020 Disclaimer Our data is published as an information source only, please read our disclaimer . Annual rainfall totals were above to very much above average (based on figures since 1900) over large parts of the Herbert North Coast, Upper Western and Carpentaria districts. Queensland in 2009: Wet start, warm and dry winter, dusty spring, wet finish. The National Emergency Medal Booklet can be found here.

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