You need to keep your weapon and armor rarity in mind when attacking enemies or choosing your next quest. Cube World is an action role-playing game developed and published by Picroma for Microsoft Windows.Wolfram von Funck, the game's designer, began developing the game in June 2011, and was later joined by his wife, Sarah. Items, quests, and enemies don't have levels, but rarities which are denoted by stars and color coded from white to green to blue to purple to yellow. Pets are companions that, when equipped, increase the number of bubbles blown per click. Many of which may be tamed and become pets.Some of these pets may be ridden while all of them will attack enemies.Picroma groups pets as melee, ranged, tank, mount, and healing pets.. Taming Edit. There are many creatures found in Cube World. Rarity. Cube World Official Homepage. Those equipped also increase a player's currency multipliers allowing the player to earn currencies faster. Pets are most commonly acquired by hatching Eggs, but they can also be acquired as rewards from the Reward Islands, Prizes, by entering special Codes, and by trading with other players. An alpha version of the game was released in July 2013, but saw sparse updates and communication from von Funck, with many considering the game to be vaporware until … In order to tame a pet, a player needs to equip the corresponding pet food.The creature will come close to the player and a heart will start to grow.

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