Riz was not a direct case but it seems like Riz fell in love with Tem when he approached him like no other animal did and lately I too get this vibes with Louis perhaps falling for Legosi?

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. at the first hint of sunlight, legoshi finds himself stirring.

Legoshi and Louis for smartphone and PC beastars beastars louis beastars legosi manga/anime furry bstanime Louis legoshi.

Louis is very touchy feely with Legosi but some friends are like that, so 1 and especially 2 are what makes it plausible to me. 18+ (Legosi x Louis Beastars Fanfic.)

There's gonna be some inconsistencies, so I apologize for that.

108 notes. I think Jack could potentially be gay and in love with Legosi, causing some turbulance between Haru and Legosi's relationshio in the future.

412 notes. 1,688 notes. Refine by tag: legosi beastars haru legoshi louis juno legosixreader furry gouhin jack anime legosixharu melon wolf manga xreader legoshixreader beastarsxreader fanfiction herbivore. 1,095 notes. Legosi: Good evening Mr Oguma, it’s a pleasure to meet … beastars incorrect beastars quotes incorrect beastars Beastars Louis Beastars Bill Louis Bill Louis’s Birthday Silly Louis anime manga fanaty fanart. im-a-rakun . After an awkward encounter with Legosi's wilder side, Louis begins to develop feelings of his own for the wolf. beastars beastars omake omake. Fanfiction.

Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post! She a jock and i love her and i have the big gay for her.-Blake. It’s worth opening an account . 110 notes . Archive; This work is based on one of my quotes and made by Seb Banni.

Beastars incorrect beastars quotes incorrect beastars Beastars Legosi Beastars Louis Legosi Legoshi LegosixLouis LouisxLegosi Lougosi Lougoshi LegoshixLouis LouisxLegoshi anime manga Funny Beastars Silly Louis.

224 notes May 8th, 2020.

beastars beastars spoilers beastars legosi beastars louis legosi louis the red deer.

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Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; more omakes for y’all, featuring the pr team. anonymous asked: some cute morning sexy time with legoshi . Sort by: Hot.

Louis tells him the reason for good deeds doesn't matter, and, to very loosely paraphrase, the fact they are done does. 472 notes May 1st, 2020.

Incorrect-Beastars-Legosi. Reblog.

Reblog. Legosi Stories . I still think Haru is who Legosi will end up with, but Legosi x Louis is very far from a crack ship. beastars louis legoshi x louis Legosi Legoshi louis x legosi legosi x louis lougosi Haru beastars juno. Go follow him on twitter! Unfollow .

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Follow. A comission for my girlfriend. 112 Stories . Alternative Fate.

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Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Louis: Father, this is my boyfriend Legosi. Throw Me To The Wolves [beastars x... by kojot. beastars melon melon melon beastars agata beastars jack beastars beastars imagines beastars spoilers louis beastars haru haru beastars legoshi beastars louis legosi legoshi beastars x reader legosi x haru elephant beastars.

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