45-90 minute conference workshop; Half Day Retrospective workshop for teams; Retrospective Day ; Being Agile : Retrospective Sailing is one of the most popular games teams adopt to reflect and map their way forward easily, in a fun, tactile and visual way.

The speedboat format for retrospectives is something I like a lot and have used with teams or even whole organizations. This might help.

Is this your first retrospective?

In short, Sail boat defines the vision for the team and identify any problems along the way.

Build a team of everyday innovators. The islands in the picture are the goals the team is heading to, the rocks are the risks they might face towards their vision. goReflect enables your team to share ideas anytime, anywhere. Retrospective Sailboat Guide & Video. Design your own Valuable Agile Retrospectives with the retrospective exercises toolbox. Enterprise ready, integrated, SSO-included. This retrospective technique uses a sailboat as a metaphor for the team.
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-Write down what the team’s vision and goals are.

Start with a random plan, change it to fit the team's situation, print it and share the URL. Start here! How to use Sail Boat Retrospective -Show the team a picture of the sailboat describer above -Explain that, similarly, a sprint has factors that slow it down and speed it up. I find it to be a good way for the team to think individually, and then collaborate and define solutions for their problems through visualization.

Or browse around for new ideas! Retrospectives are a critical part of the Agile process, in which the team reflects on the development process and looks for areas to improve in the future.
Preparing your first remote retrospective? Retrospective Sailing is a game you can play as an individual in any role, as part of a development team, or, with clients and customers to help understand how your journey is fairing. Retrospective with distributed team members.

Run great agile retrospectives: Get all activities and more for your ebook reader!

Planning your next agile retrospective? Retrium uses industry best practices to walk your team through an engaging retrospective from start to finish. They work every day to achieve these islands. Formats available.

The team identifies anchors (impediments) and wind (positive forces) and chooses an area to improve. Here you can download a free template to use with your co-located teams, as well as a template to use for distributed teams. Getting actions out of a retrospective that are doable, and getting them done, helps teams to …

It helps team to reflect on what’s going well and what could be better, analyze their sails and anchors and identify opportunities for improvement or change. Retrospective Sailing — an agile reflection game A hands on workshop facilitating a practical retrospective game.

With all your teammates participating in a powerful conversation, it’s clear why retrospectives are the key to continuous improvement.

The Sailboat or Speedboat Method for Sprint Retrospectives is an easy way to: adopt, reflect and map team’s way forward easily, in a fun, tactile and visual way.

A Scrum Master’s story.

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