USGS/PDS Map-a-Planet. Images of Venus (Catalog of Spaceborne Imaging) Images of Venus (NSSDCA Photo Gallery) Also of Interest. Venus Retrograde officially begins on May 13 in airy Gemini and lasts until June 25. Mariner 10 - NASA Mission to Venus and Mercury (1973-1975) Mariner 5 - NASA Venus Flyby (1967) Mariner 2 - NASA Venus Flyby (1962) Venus Chronology - Timeline of all attempted and future Venus missions. Mission controllers didn’t get a chance to put in a course correction that would have directed it closer to Venus, so it’s thought to have passed within 100,000 km of the planet on May 19th. While the planet of love is moving backwards, relationships may feel erratic or chaotic. Current space probes use various orbital paths to reach Venus, taking from 1 to 3 years. Undeterred by funding woes, scientists are scraping together ideas to tackle heat, pressure and acidity challenges of landing on Venus.

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