Seven years prior to the events of FINAL FANTASY® VII, the Shinra Company is finalizing construction of its base and symbol of prosperity: the enormous city of Midgar. Props should be given to Rick Gomez, who provides the voice of Zack in Crisis Core and other Final Fantasy games, as he brings a real infectious energy to the role, while other actors might have made him unlikeable by overdoing it.

File Name: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII.7z File Size: 856.50 MB Genre: RPG System: Sony Playstation Portable Downloads: 1,018,296 Rating: (4.91 /5, 6,545 votes) Top 25 PSP ROMs. File Name: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII.7z File Size: 856.50 MB Genre: RPG System: Sony Playstation Portable Downloads: 1,018,296 Rating: (4.91 /5, 6,545 votes) Top 25 PSP ROMs. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Fans can assuredly welcome the unabashed servicing, but the happy ending may turn you off if you're not intimately acquainted with the series. Huh, I never played Dirge of Cerberus, so totally missed out on that. ... As for the tech demo...its a different video from the end of crisis core. When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end, The goddess descends from the sky, Wings of light and dark spread afar, She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting.LOVELESS Minerva is a character from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Getting shot in the back by a few ShinRa grunts is a pretty poor way for Zack to die. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a Action RPG video game published by Square Enix released on March 24, 2008 for the PlayStation Portable.
Dragon Ball Z - Tenkaichi Tag Team.

But Crisis Core's ending is the only ending in any game I've played that made not to EVER watch it again because it just makes me so angry in how they killed Zack.

As the title would probably have already suggested, what do you think of the Ending of Crisis Core? Zack is an incredibly likable character and he stands in stark contrast to Cloud. Well, Final Fantasy 7 is set right after the ending of Crises Core.

Taking place around the events of Nibelheim outlined in Last Order: Final Fantasy VII (2005), Crisis Core focuses on Zack Fair, a member of the paramilitary organization SOLDIER, who is assigned to look for the missing soldier Genesis Rhapsodos. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Secret Ending?
To me, I found it absolutely amazing. A crisis is an End-Game event that can occur and threatens the entire galaxy, each having the ultimate goal of destroying all life. Jul 30, 2009 #1. 2. Dragon Ball Z - Tenkaichi Tag Team.

User Info: tCotES tCotES 11 … I always thought Genesis becomes Kadaj, maybe through more Jenova/Sephiroth experiments or something. Personally I think the changes in Crisis Core's ending are for the better. There is no diplomacy beyond exchanging menacing words with the invaders. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a lot like visiting a shady Korean massage parlour. It was the most heart wrenching ending I've ever came across in all the games I've played so far. Oh, and its ending leads directly to the beginning of FFVII and Remake - even though Remake appears to rewrite Crisis Core's final moments somewhat (understatement of the year, right there).

God of War - Ghost of Sparta. Review by LeKingCarnage: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is one of the most well written and voice acted game in the Final Fantasy series.You will be put in the shoes of a SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack Fair who aims to become a hero.

He basically had all these memories …

Directed by Hajime Tabata. God of War - Ghost of Sparta. [Crisis Core spoilers] After four years, how the hell... Close. Crisis Core and FF IX have the best endings from the FF series. First released in 2007, the game is a prequel to the 1997 video game Final Fantasy VII and is a part of the metaseries Compilation of Final Fantasy VII , which includes other products related to the original game.

Either they are stopped or they conquer the galaxy. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. Crisis Core tells the events that lead up to Final Fantasy VII (in fact ending with the opening of FF7), and I'll admit the story is pretty moving (Lost Odyssey was the last game to make me tear-up, and I … AKA Diamond Weapon Jul 30, 2009 #1. Posted by 5 years ago.

In Nibelheim when Cloud and Zack were in the test tubes, Cloud got a hell of a lot of Mako poisoning and only fully regained conciousnes at the end of Crises Core. But I thought, at the end of Crisis Core, Loz and Yazoo (rom Advent Children) come to take Genesis away? Thread starter Sephiroth; Start date Jul 30, 2009; Sephiroth Pro Adventurer. He never carried it, he had to take it from both hands, then just drag it little by little as you can see in the ending, I think that's pretty legit.

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