(307261) 2002 MS 4 Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Jump to navigation Jump to search (307261) 2002 MS4 Dwarf planet. (307261) 2002 MS4 is the second largest Kuiper belt object without an official name in the Sol system after 2007 OR10.

It was discovered in 2002 … (307261) 2002 MS4 is a large classical Kuiper belt object, the second-largest known object in the Solar System without a name, after (225088) 2007 OR10. TNO 2002 MS4 (307261) TNO 2002 AW197 (55565) Asteroid 2015 BZ509. It was discovered by Chad Trujillo and Michael Brown in 2002. (307261) 2002 MS4. Category:(307261) 2002 MS4. All named asteroids. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. (307261) 2002 MS 4 is a large classical Kuiper belt object, the second-largest known object in the Solar System without a name, after 2007 OR 10. All about Astrology Ephemeris Special Body Ephemerides. The following astrometry was submitted to the Minor Planet Center: K02M04S 1954 04 08.37535 14 … (307261) 2002 MS4 Precovery Images. Eventually, 2002 MS4 was found on seven plates at five oppositions going back to 1954. It was discovered in 2002 by Chad Trujillo and Michael Brown. Find your Venus Sign. Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Swiss Ephemeris. Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric. The original elements for 2002 MS4 were already quite accurate (5 oppositions from 2002 to 2007), so the identification of additional images from DSS was straightforward. Saltar ata a navegación Saltar á procura. Brown's website lists it as nearly certain to be a dwarf planet. The Spitzer Space Telescope estimated it to have a diameter of 726 ± 123 km. It … (307261) 2002 MS4 este un obiect transneptunian (TNO) de dimensiuni mari, al doilea cel mai mare obiect din Sistemul Solar fără nume, după 2007 OR 10.A fost descoperit în 2002 de Chad Trujillo și Michael E. Brown.Este clasificat ca un cubewano de către Minor Planet Center.. Site-ul lui Mike Brown îl listează ca o planetă pitică „aproape cu siguranță”. (307261) 2002 MS 4 (307261) 2002 MS 4 photographié par Hubble le 9 avril 2006.

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